A Guide to the Best Coffee Shops in Copenhagen For Studying

I’ve been in Copenhagen a month now (which is crazy to think about, wow has time gone by fast), and classes are starting to get more serious. There are several great libraries around my neighborhood including the DIS library, the Black Diamond, and Copenhagen Central Library.  While I identify as a library person, I have found the coffee shops in Copenhagen prime study spots.

So, here is my list (so far) of the best coffee shops to study/work in. Or, you know, just to get coffee.

Coffee Industry

  • One of my favorites!
  • They have mochas! (Surprisingly not that common)
  • Very good pastries and sandwiches
  • Lots of seating with different options – comfy couches and tables with chairs

Café Klimt

  • Stumbled upon this place accidently, worked out very well
  • Not a ton of outlets
  • More restaurant-y than café but they were totally fine with us just ordering coffees and working
  • Small tables with candles, afraid I was going to burn my computer or set something on fire

Risteriet Coffee Studio

  • A+ in the hygge department
  • Bench seating with cushions
  • Really cool posters

ROAST Coffee

  • Pretty minimalist but REALLY GOOD COFFEE
  • Also, super close to DIS, like across the street close
  • Not a ton of seating
  • No baked goods 😥

Paludan Bog and Café

  • Can get really crowded, so go early
  • Very cozy
  • A E S T H E T I C
  • Serve actual food too so can really bunker down for the day there and not go hungry

Espresso House

  • A chain so you can always find one close by
  • Usually pretty big with lots of seating
  • Have outlets!
  • They have iced coffee! (also a rare find)
  • Can be pricey but the portions are very large so kinda worth it (that’s what I’m telling myself at least)


  • Lots of locations
  • Have student discount
  • Depending on location, it can be very busy with not a lot of seating


  • Local student café
  • Cheapest coffee in town
  • Lots of seating
  • Can get very loud
  • Wifi not super fast

The Coffee Factory

  • Funky and cozy interior
  • Good iced mocha
  • Not the most expensive
  • Bench seating
  • No outlets

You might be thinking, thanks Anthea for this helpful guide! And to you I say: You’re welcome!

You might also be thinking, Anthea, I am very concerned about how much time and money you are spending at coffee shops. Well, my friend, so am I…so am I.

Anyway, every place I’ve been to so far I would go back to again, but there are so many coffee shops to explore!

Did I use this post as an excuse to go to more coffee shops? Absolutely.

Was I also productive at these places, after all, the whole purpose of this was about study spots? Yes, I did get work done, so not a total waste!

I have more places on my list to check, especially in Norrebro, so this isn’t the last of my coffee shop reviews.

If you have suggestions, let me know!!

Until next time,


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