My Week In Photos

Monday Building facade, Assistens Cemetary, and Working at Student House Tuesday Visited the Rosenborg Castle Wednesday Snacks! Hot dog from Dop Hot Dog Stand and pie from the American Pie Shop Thursday Exploring Ofelia Plads with my Core Course Friday Enjoying the beautiful weather in the King's Garden (one of my favorite spots in the … Continue reading My Week In Photos


Academics at DIS

I know I’ve talked a lot about my core course, but I wanted to take this post to talk about my other classes as well as academic life at DIS. In addition to my core course, I am taking four other classes: Travel WritingHistory of Sexuality in EuropeScandinavian Criminal Justice and Criminology Strategies for Urban … Continue reading Academics at DIS

A Guide to the Best Coffee Shops in Copenhagen For Studying

I’ve been in Copenhagen a month now (which is crazy to think about, wow has time gone by fast), and classes are starting to get more serious. There are several great libraries around my neighborhood including the DIS library, the Black Diamond, and Copenhagen Central Library.  While I identify as a library person, I have … Continue reading A Guide to the Best Coffee Shops in Copenhagen For Studying